Learning Buddhism, Zen and Vajrayana

Vairocana Johndennis GovertTen thousand laws end in one.
Don’t stick to that either!”

Realizing the vast, original freedom of our own nature is the fruit of Zen. The method is letting go of all fixations in body, energy and mind.  Zen, derived from the Sanskrit word, “dhyana,” means meditation and is a principle means used to let go so that: “body and mind drop away.” On the path to the great awakening, compassion, wisdom and skill ignite in and beyond the play of magnetic opposites.  The daily practice of meditation creates the necessary momentum for the great leap to enlightenment.

When we first glimpse our original nature, we remain unsure. It is so enmeshed in our life of conflicted striving in the world toward all our goals that we doubt what we have experienced as true. After enough glimpses crystallize into a steady perception, we reach a breakthrough called “satori.” Satori means a sudden awakening, but it is not the great awakening. Moving beyond all effort in the deep and steady state of satori leads to the great awakening called “daigo” or” daigkaku.”

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Learning Spiral Dragon

Spiral Dragon Johndennis Govert


Spiral Dragon Dharma Gate is a Buddhist Vajrayana practice introduced as a terma or treasure teaching by Senton Dorje, then refined and transmitted to wider public by her main disciple, Master Boma Meitza Quan. Spiral Dragon includes a few easy energy exercises and meditation and yet it produces rapid and high level of spiritual cultivation. It leads to a condition known as "body and mind dropped off." Whereas some spiritual and Buddhist traditions regard this as an end goal, the Nyingma lineage regards this condition as the essential beginning for further and higher level realization.

Spiral Dragon is a Dharma Gate meaning that it is a complete system of spiritual development. It is a passageway from ordinary self-centered suffering to the continuous awareness of the immensity and interconnectedness of the universe full of all beings. Dharma has several meanings. It refers to the truth of existence and to natural order. Dharma also is the body of teachings that lead to Enlightenment. Entering the Dharma Gate is practice toward the realization of Enlightenment.

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Learning Feng Shui as a Dao


To most, feng shui is a collection of often unrelated, but effective techniques to attune people and places in greater harmony. Or you can learn and practice feng shui as a Dao(Way). Feng shui practiced as a Dao integrates knowledge, compassion, skill, wisdom, experience and intuition as a lifelong extension of spiritual development that benefits others. Teaching feng shui as a Dao is my perspective communicated across the entire spectrum from introductory talks to longer term studies leading to certification.

I am interested in helping people find tools in feng shui to improve their own lives. I’m also interested in transmitting a complete study so that others can consult using feng shui Dao with great skill and a strong motivation for helping others.  I’ve put together over 170 lectures on feng shui and the philosophical and cultural context that surrounds this art.  It’s meant to be a comprehensive course, but you can study what you find meaningful.

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Blue Lotus Johndennis GovertWhenever we are in need, outside help from the application of awakened mind, the Zen arts, feng shui, astrology, and the kind-heartedness of others is good. Helping yourself by cultivating awareness through these same practices, skills and arts is even better. The best is when, through your own learning, compassion and skill, you aim to help others. Then our compassionate action can engage innate wisdom. As we creatively confront the extreme conditions presented by the worldwide convergence of critical turning points in climate, ecology, economy, and the particular continuity of life forms and the earth herself, we need to unite our intentions exponentially with those of wise and similar intent. This is the challenge of engaged spiritual awakening now.

 I teaching spiritual development directly through Zen and Vajrayana Buddhism, and indirectly through the paths of feng shui, astrology, and the Zen arts. Mostly, my teaching has been in person and some subjects absolutely require that. I continue to stretch to develop new material and teaching forums, from formal to casual that might be of benefit to you. Following is a more detailed explanation of the scope of teachings and their live, written and recorded forms.

Spiral Dragon Dharma System
In our times, people who are awakening toward the vast mind of enlightenment are also looking to fulfill their dharma, their driving reason for living on earth now. Spiral Dragon is a treasure teaching (terma) from Vajrayana Buddhism brought forward first by Senton Dorje and then transmitted by Master Boma Meitza Quan to me. Spiral Dragon is a complete system of easy exercises and meditation that will rapidly accelerate your unique talents and lead to the Great Awakening of complete enlightenment. The compelling reason Senton Dorje taught this renewed, simplified and profound form of spiritual cultivation is precisely because we are in perilous, transitional times.  We each need to accelerate our spiritual development so that the personal, cultural and earth scale changes in play already occur as easily as possible for ourselves, but more especially for others.

Zen Buddhism
An essential skill of spiritual development is the art of meditation. From gradually expanding awareness to the sudden awakening of Satori to the realization of Daikaku, the Great Awakening, Zen meditation is a vast and inclusive practice with many applications to life in the here and now. It is a path by which the afflictions of self concern dissolve back into the radiance of uncreated, original nature.  As a mind seal holder in the lineage of Matsuoka Zengaku Roshi, I teach all aspects of this profound tradition.

Vajrayana Buddhism
Also known as Mantrayana or Tibetan Buddhism, Vajrayana is the diamond vehicle containing exalted and accelerated paths of spiritual cultivation. Within Buddhism, there are 84,000 different dharma paths that lead to the same Great Awakening. Each person must master one of these paths to awaken fully.  Vajrayana Buddhism relies in part on the practice of mantra to transform the illusions of inner and outer worlds. It contains many rituals and applications of wisdom mind to remove gross to subtle obstacles that impede our spiritual development. As a Lama of the Nyingma or Ancient Lineage, I integrate this tradition of spiritual practices and supreme yogas into all I teach.

Feng Shui
The art and science of the dao of feng shui, is about transforming the energies of place into the spiritual path. Direction, shape, symbols, rituals, art and energy flow influence us constantly just below the surface of our casual attention, and often not so subtly. Feng shui seeks to align the obvious and subtle energies of place with positive human goals, especially for health, prosperity, peace, long life wisdom and enlightenment. How to do this for yourself and for others is the core of what I teach. It is about expressing beauty, depth and joy in the commonplace of daily living in the ever present practice of awareness.

The art and science of the yoga of astrology is about transforming the energies of time into the spiritual path. As we learn the impact of unfolding cycles of karma, we can adjust our efforts to reduce suffering and live in stable happiness. We can begin to solve our own peculiar problems before they occur, just as we can begin to avail ourselves of our unique opportunities before they unfold. The yoga of astrology has been very beneficial to my own life’s conduct. This I hope to share through experience and teaching so you can manage your own life more skillfully and give much better advice to others.