Zen Gardens

Where can you go to re-connect your own root? A nature trip works well to restore the memory of connection to the earth and the cycle of seasons.  A hike up and down a mountain trail, a walk through the woods, or simply watching the sun slip into the folds of the distant landscape are ways we return to that greater, more profound experience of now.

“Riverbanks lined with green
Willows, fragrant grasses:
A place not sacred:

Natural settings under the open sky are places we can wander for a while to hold back the torrent of pressures, demands and unfilled expectations of the day. In a moment, between the pull of undone errands and the hovering flight of a dragonfly, we can sense what has been important since before time began. A garden offers the same opportunity as serene meditation to contemplate the horizons of our lives where they blend seamlessly with the heavens.


Feng Shui and Gardens


From a feng shui view, a well tuned home or office offers harmonizing support for our work and life goals. In this sense, buildings condition our experience whether consciously and positively or not. However, when we near completion of some our goals, how do we find a suitable place in which to incubate the next generation of our aspirations? Mainly we must go someplace else. But, if we have a park or garden nearby, by conversing, contemplating and relaxing there, we can begin to sense our next step unfolding easily. Gardens offer us the opportunity to tune to our farther aspirations, perhaps even the transcendental aspirations of spiritual realization. This is why the Zen and Daoist inspired gardens of East Asia are important as pivotal feng shui transducers.

Landscape and Garden Design

Grand and entertainment gardens have always been popular especially with royalty. Recently, healing gardens have become a more important emphasis for individuals and for health care organizations. There are also gardens for igniting transformation, for developing intuition and insight, for celebrating the cultural arts, for expressing music and play, for communicating in community, for appreciating beauty, and, for strengthening safety and stability. Each of these specific aspirations draws us to circumstances in which we can experience the many variations these aspirations create. An important skill in the art of living is learning to understand what and where will connect our deepest and greatest ideals easily with our everyday experiences. Gardens are such places that nurture our bodies, energies and minds to live our highest inspirations. They are a root connection.