Learning Feng Shui as a Dao


To most, feng shui is a collection of often unrelated, but effective techniques to attune people and places in greater harmony. Or you can learn and practice feng shui as a Dao(Way). Feng shui practiced as a Dao integrates knowledge, compassion, skill, wisdom, experience and intuition as a lifelong extension of spiritual development that benefits others. Teaching feng shui as a Dao is my perspective communicated across the entire spectrum from introductory talks to longer term studies leading to certification.

I am interested in helping people find tools in feng shui to improve their own lives. I’m also interested in transmitting a complete study so that others can consult using feng shui Dao with great skill and a strong motivation for helping others.  I’ve put together over 170 lectures on feng shui and the philosophical and cultural context that surrounds this art.  It’s meant to be a comprehensive course, but you can study what you find meaningful.

TAO Johndennis GovertFeng Shui Deshi 21Study Programs
There are two Deshi 21 certification programs.  Deshi is Japanese roughly for apprentice or disciple. It specifically means “brother-master” or “brother-child.” The idea is that students and teacher are family treading the path from novice to master with diligent effort. The 21 of Deshi 21 refers to the 21st century, adapting this ancient art to the modern world.  21 also refers to the 21 energy meridians that make a complete system that enlivens the human body. There is a Satori program of nine months, 33 lectures and 3 retreats for those who have a career in landscapes, architecture, design or construction who want to enlarge the vision of their practice. There is a Dao program for those who primarily want to become feng shui consultants.

Before I have taught both programs live. I am in the process of digitizing the lectures so that most of the program can be accomplished in settings close to home. I still want to gather for retreats where we can explore the earth and the built environment at a number of sites, Please inquire if you have an interest.