Learning Spiral Dragon

Spiral Dragon Johndennis Govert


Spiral Dragon Dharma Gate is a Buddhist Vajrayana practice introduced as a terma or treasure teaching by Senton Dorje, then refined and transmitted to wider public by her main disciple, Master Boma Meitza Quan. Spiral Dragon includes a few easy energy exercises and meditation and yet it produces rapid and high level of spiritual cultivation. It leads to a condition known as "body and mind dropped off." Whereas some spiritual and Buddhist traditions regard this as an end goal, the Nyingma lineage regards this condition as the essential beginning for further and higher level realization.

Spiral Dragon is a Dharma Gate meaning that it is a complete system of spiritual development. It is a passageway from ordinary self-centered suffering to the continuous awareness of the immensity and interconnectedness of the universe full of all beings. Dharma has several meanings. It refers to the truth of existence and to natural order. Dharma also is the body of teachings that lead to Enlightenment. Entering the Dharma Gate is practice toward the realization of Enlightenment.

Spiral Dragon is a dragon practice. In China, dragons symbolize the emperor, and by extension, nobility. Dragons also symbolize fierceness, freedom and ingenuity. Dragons are also a metaphor for the transformation of an ordinary person into a sage, which is another description of the aim of Spiral Dragon. Dragons are also protectors of those on the path of enlightenment and of the Buddhist Dharma in general, so Spiral Dragon connects a person to the protection of the dragon energies. The name also refers to five dragons, the two arms, two legs and spine. Spiral Dragon opens up the five dragons so that a complete spectrum of energies circulates freely and easily. The movement of energies through the five dragons invigorates and refines one’s energy body.

The Spiral indicates the nature of movement within the practice. Qi, life energy, moves in a straight path, but the light energies of Spiral Dragon move in spirals. This mirrors the very structure of the helixes of DNA and the shape of galaxies so that the practice changes us deeply, but easily, at the cellular level extending into the infinite. The Spiral also indicates that this practice is aimed at an evolutionary scale leap of personal development.

Spiral Dragon is often compared to the practices of qi gong. It may seem similar, but is different in very important ways. First, Spiral Dragon is based upon total relaxation of the body, emotions and mind. Second, Spiral Dragon circulates light and qi, through the channels in and around the body. Third, there are no special breathing exercises or visualizations to do. Being both an easy and profound path, Spiral Dragon is the best foundation for higher level spiritual cultivation and development.

Spiral Dragon is a practice that needs to be explained and transmitted in person. In haste, you can learn the practice and its forms in a day. To explore how each person reacts and transforms, and to learn how the energies flow and modulate requires more time and persistence.