Feng Shui Consultation

When we enter a home or office for a feng shui consultation, we don't know what we will find that supports or interferes with the goals of the people living or working there. There may be any array of things, shapes, directions, energies, entities, or symbols that are at positive or injurious angles to their life's flow and purpose. What we do is listen and look very carefully. We show our clients the patterns that are frustrating and harming them so they can remove or modify them. We also show the patterns of positivity that are active and available. The art of feng shui lies in changing just enough in time-space to reconnect with the revitalizing stream of light, love and peace so it flows through, not by, your life creating focus, health, harmony, prosperity, peace, and self-fulfillment.

Types of Consultatios

On-site review:
The most thorough feng shui consultation is done in person analyzing and sensing all the shapes, symbols, energies and angles present. The recommendations include more interactive problem solving with you, the owner or occupant, leading ultimately to greater follow through producing the changes you've envisioned for your future.

Remote review:
When timing and distance are obstacles, a remote review of photos, plans, and astrological data can lead to positive life change too. After receiving and reviewing all the materials, we can discuss your goals, the building's issues and recommendations by phone and e-mail.

Real estate selection:
When looking for homes, lots or buildings, and when you have narrowed the field down several that you prefer, a feng shui consultation can often make the choice clearer. By looking at the promise of the place, you may find out that the most economic option today may or may not be worth it in the longer run. We will discuss if the place is workable as is, with minor modifications, or if will need extensive reworking to achieve your life goals.

New construction:
The process of selecting land and generating plans for a custom designed building offers the best opportunity for creating the exact space that you need functionally and that will manifest your goals with greater ease and precision. A consultation at the very beginning saves money and makes the myriad of choices required by new construction more manageable. I welcome working with your architect, engineers, landscape designer, interior designer, or any of your other project consultants.

Realty review:
When a home or building has languished on the market too long, there are feng shui adjustments that can accelerate serious interest and lead to quicker,completed transactions and transitions. Of course, when you make feng shui changes before you market any piece of property, it will move it forward more successfully in the current difficult realty market.