Astrological Consultations


The sky envelops us all. It is the largest, most obvious symbol and reflection of cosmic unity. It contains everything near and far. It is seamless, surrounds and permeates all that is. Contemplating this vastness around us opens the potential of the universe inside and outside our personal spheres. For this reason, the study of stars, planets and all else celestial is a spiritual pursuit. Astrology is one of the practical derivatives of this cosmic contemplation that reveals the archetypes and patterns that occur at every scale of life, the subatomic to beyond the galactic. It also reveals the nature and timing of events that flow through the lives of men and women.Johndeniss Govert Butterfly Nebula


Of the many things we learn from astrology are the patterns of karma that color our perceptions and that influence us to act, to speak or to remain silent over the course of time. There are forces that impel rather than compel us along the way. Astrology indicates what these are and the cycles of their unfolding. Aware of these, we can exercise better judgment in our choices leading to greater freedom and satisfaction in living. Feng shui describes the limitations and possibilities of place, while astrology describes the limitations and possibilities of time. As such, astrology and feng shui, singly or combined, provide us information so that we may choose to live more wisely


Life Pattern Reading

Also known as natal astrology, this analysis shows patterns of health, wealth, learning, home, love life, work, marriage, investments, philosophical beliefs, career, life aspirations and our shadows. A reflective person knows much of this information already, but may not know how to diminish difficult nor enhance positive trends.


Timing of Current Influences

As months go by specific events occur and we experience periods where parts of are lives are very active and others almost inert. This reading focuses on influences arising in the coming year that will change us. Learning how to surf these trends with skill is the point of this time/life examination.



This reading compares the patterns of any two people in relationship, whether it's based in family, schooling, love, work, partnership, marriage, career or friendship. By comparing the patterns of any two people, we can identify in which areas they will harmonize or conflict with each other.’


Feng Shui and Astrology

In both Chinese and Western systems of astrology, there are ways to trace heavens patterns in our personal patterns and the patterns of the earth. Cosmological feng shui in the east and Local Space Astrology and Astro*Carto*Graphy in the west are ways to learn which places and directions will support us and which will interfere with our goals and interests.