Zen mind and design transforming here and now

Johndennis GovertThe world is changing rapidly and globally: human overpopulation, climate chaos, ecological systems collapse, water and fossil fuel shortages, the sixth mass extinction, extreme geological shifts and the transformation of a pitiless economy where one fifth of the human world feeds on the misery of the remaining four fifths. The differing astrologies of many cultures as well as the prohecies of peoples attuned to the earth all point at these same, now obvious, criticial convergences. Collectively, we’ve triggered a set of core interactions that will determine whether humans can evolve harmoniously and beneficially with earth or not. We who are alive right now, whatever actions we can collectively make, will seal the collapse of the ecologies of earth and culture or will transform this planet into an enlightened paradise. Clearly, it is no longer a time of life as usual for any being on earth whether creatively engaged, haplessly adrift or worse. The extremes already are set in motion.


The vow to benefit all beings may be the only useful practice I carry forward now. What career skills I’ve gained and what work experiences I’ve lived in the past may prove useful or not to this great transformation soon before us. In the past I’ve aimed to bring the benefit of the Zen arts to more homes, families, offices, companies, and communities. The Zen arts arise from deep practice of meditation. The Zen arts include all the fine and domestic arts that aim-at inspiring our minds and hearts to greater compassion, wisdom and skill in living.



Specifically, I have focused on providing:

  • spiritual training
  • feng shui consultation and training
  • astrological consultation
  • original artworks, and
  • strategic, site, garden and green design


As you explore this website and what I’ve done, you may find that I may be of service to you now in some way. You may also be inspired to propose some new collaborative adventure. Let me know. You may also just want to browse the library for images, information and insights to inspire you or for specific ways to transform yourself, your circle and the world more positively.


Zengo Design is what I’ve used to describe my path. Zengo is Japanese for "meditation enlightenment." Design refers to my interest in ensuring that fulfillment and joy in living are intentions to realize now and under any and all circumstances. By evoking insights and creativity from the profound depths of enlightened mind, I strive to bring simple, elegant and apt solutions forward to benefit you and all of us.